I’m Kay and here are Five Things you should know about me:

1. I have a LOVE Hate relationship with Bread. I Love Bread, and it hates my hips.

2. I have a set of 16 year old Boy/Girl Twins. And before I met them I was a HOT Mamma!!!

3. I SCREAM. Yep, I am the #ScreamQueen. Its how you know my heart it filled with EXCITEMENT

4. Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday. I start watching Christmas movies in October, Yay Hallmark Chanel.

5. I shoot women, because there was a point in my life where I didn’t take care of me, a time where everyone else was more important. And my Goal since, I re-discovered my HOTNESS, is to make every woman....#RememberYourBeauty!

What You Should Know

I have theee ABSOLUTE best job EVER!!!

I get to meet AMAZING women and not just tell them, but show them how Beautiful they are. We all need that sometimes. With Kay Monelle Photography you won’t just take photos; you’ll have an experience, the KMP Experience. We have girlfriend time, where you get to Laugh Loud and forget all your worries. And just for a moment, while we work together, time stands still and you remember YOU ARE Caaaa-UUUUUTE! If you want to just take photos, I’m not the photographer for you. But if you want to have a good time with pictures to prove it, let’s work together.

I want you to have great photos and a great experience.